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Are you ready to become the Designer of your Life?

You are a successful professional woman but you may feel that you are not expressing your fullest potential or that something is missing in a life that might seem perfect from the outside.

Perhaps you have tried several different approaches in the past, but you feel that you need support in gaining awareness and clarity on what is the best direction for you. And you may wish to have professional support in designing and implementing these changes.

This is why I created the Design for Life Coaching Programme.

This is what Design for Life Coaching achieves:

We will work together to help reveal what you really need both personally and professionally.
When you work with me:

  • You will gain clarity on your values, so you will make better choices based on what really matters to you and increase your satisfaction in life and work.
  • You will gain clarity on your core strengths empowering you to use your unique talents and skills in order to make a difference and bring your best into the world.
  • You will increase your self-awareness to help you understand why certain things keep happening in your life. This will give you more control as you can chose to remove the inner obstacles that are holding you back. We use a variety of techniques to help you with this.
  • With improved self awareness you will recognize behavioral patterns and the underlying beliefs that may impact the way you relate to others. By eliminating or changing these beliefs you will experience improvement in your relationships.
  • You will identify the new skills that you need to develop in order to succeed in life and at work. With this knowledge you will be able to design your individual development plan and put it in action.

This program is not for everyone. Τhis program is only for those who are committed to self improvement and those seeking meaning in life as well as success on a material level. They also need to be willing to gain new awareness and step out of their comfort zone.

Why this program works

The purpose of the program is to help you achieve the changes you desire to create a more successful and fulfilling life.

What are some of the hurdles in creating the life we deserve?

Lack of clarity on future goals: Many professional women feel stuck in unfulfilling situations. They may also be unclear on what they really want for the future. Design for Life Coaching addresses this by helping you gain deep awareness and to identify your true values and purpose and the changes you need to make.

Fear and inner resistance to change: We may very well know what we want but are unable to overcome fear and inner resistance. It is essential to find out what is holding us back and to resolve limiting beliefs and inner conflicts through this programme with the use of a broad spectrum of techniques.

Lack of commitment: Finally, some of us, even when we have clarity of purpose, lack the discipline to follow through.

There are three steps to making enduring change:

a. We must become sick of having the problem and decide that we really want to change.

b. We must be able to see our problem from a new perspective

c. We must create a compelling vision of the future

In other words our desire for change should be greater than our fear. Finally, it is important to break down our task in manageable chunks. Our first step should be achievable and relatively easy to take. This will build the motivation and increase the commitment.

Design for Life Coaching works because we choose our clients carefully– those who are committed to change and self improvement. We will work with you only if we believe that you are seriously committed to working towards your desired goals.

This programme helps you get results faster and with less inner conflict and struggle.

Who is this program for?

Design for Life Coaching is for professional women both employed and self employed, who want to go to the next level of their life or career but for whatever reason they do not seem to be making their expected progress.

They may be stuck in situations that are unsatisfying and frustrating but they have the desire to make the changes that will lead to a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

It is for women that wish to make a career change but they may not be quite sure how to do this or what the future might look like.

It is for business women that may feel overwhelmed with not enough time to focus on building strategic long term plans in order to take their business to the next level.

It is also for women that may be very successful professionally but not as successful in their personal relationships. They may wish to change their personal life for the better, find a new partner and build a happier relationship.

It is for women that despite their undeniable business skills struggle in dealing with difficult people and getting their message across and wish to improve their leadership and communication skills

What will happen in the
Design for Life Coaching?

The program is based on the following 7 steps that are essential in designing and achieving the life you desire. We will work together in order for you to:

1. Gain awareness on your core values and what really matters to you
2. Indentify your unique talents and skills and build trust in yourself
3. Expand your choice and identify the results that you want to produce and the new knowledge and skills that you need to develop.
4. Resolve any inner obstacles that are holding you back and overcome your resistance to change
5. Design your individual action plan in order to achieve specific, measurable and time bound results
6. Stay focused and help you establish the support system you need in order to move forward
7. Acknowledge your progress and celebrate success as a motivator for your further development

No matter what is keeping you trapped in an unfulfilling situation, this seven step approach is designed to get you unstuck and to support you in making the changes you desire.

The structure of Design for
Life Coaching

The program is held over a period of 6-12 months.. We will meet every 2 – 3 weeks using Skype for 45-60 minute individual coaching sessions. This will allow sufficient time to produce sustainable results. In these sessions we will work together in identifying your requirements, set specific, measurable and time bound outcomes and track your progress.

During this period you will have free access to all the webinars and on-line seminars that I will carry out as well as a special discount in my workshops.

The Next Step

If you would like to explore working with me, please fill out the form below. I will contact you to set up a complimentary 60 minute Discovery session where I will learn more about you, your goals and challenges.

I will then explain in more detail how we will work together and answer any questions that you may have.

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