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What is it like working with me?

In this page I will tell you the kind of results my clients can expect. I will also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs and how I’m different than other coaches.

What results can you expect?

When you work with me, you can expect to create a more meaningful life with more freedom and quality time for your loved ones. You will have more control and be able to design your future.

You will be able to create your individual action plan in order to achieve specific, measurable and time bound results. You will identify and work towards developing the skills required to step up in your career.

You will experience an improvement in how you relate with others. You will be able to identify what you really want from a life partner and build a successful relationship or dramatically improve an existing one.

You will feel more in control of your everyday life and able to prioritize and plan both in professional and personal life. You will find out what it takes to move your business to the next level or make the necessary changes that will help you deal with a crisis.

You will identify your leadership style and will increase your influence and negotiating skills to improve your effectiveness as a partner, a business woman and leader.

Guiding Principles

The fundamental principle is that we are all creative and resourceful and we have the unique strengths and gifts to create a meaningful life.

We look at the world through our unique lenses. As human beings we have a subjective view of reality, this means that the reality we are experiencing is largely determined by what we do inside our heads – our beliefs, assumptions and mental models, stories about ourselves, others and the world are our individual filters.

This means that everyone experiences any given situation differently. Our unique filters influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Becoming more aware of our individual filters helps us become less affected by external circumstances and gain more mental freedom and fulfillment.

As clients gain greater awareness of themselves and their world, expand their choices for effective action, and develop their self trust, they start to take more effective actions that lead them towards their goals.

Awareness involves knowing with clarity our personal values, strengths and purpose. Setting meaningful goals and identifying limiting beliefs that are blocking movement forward, and understanding where we are and where we want to get to.

Choice is not just choosing from among existing alternatives, it is also about creating options. Lack of choice is an illusion, we are always making choices – even deciding to stay stuck is a choice!

Trust in self is having an optimistic and realistic assessment of one’s capabilities. Believing in oneself to find the courage to move outside one’s comfort zone. The higher our trust in ourselves, the more likely that our performance, learning and feelings of fulfillment will reach our true potential.

How am I different as a coach?

When you're looking for a coach these days there are a lot to choose from, so what makes me different from any other coach?

There are three compelling reasons why I am uniquely suited to serve my clients.

  • I am a professional woman just like you! After 20 years in the corporate world in various leadership roles I know the rules of the game! I know how you can navigate in this environment, the difficulties to overcome and the skills you need to develop in order to build a successful career.

  • I have gone through my own self discovery and I am fully aware how much courage this journey requires. As a lifelong learner in the path of self awareness I have a deep respect for all human beings and I am committed to supporting my clients in achieving their goals.

  • I draw from a wide spectrum of theories and techniques: cognitive psychology, energy psychology, neurolinquistic programming and hypnosis. When I was training as a coach I learned various methods and techniques that helped me overcome my inner obstacles in order to make breakthroughs and massive changes both in my life and at work. I use now the same techniques with my coaching clients.

Now that you have a better idea about the results that you can expect by working with me along with my approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to our service page to learn about the specific services and programs that I offer.


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