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Are you feeling stuck and struggling to take your life or career to a new level?

You are a successful professional woman. You are able to achieve outstanding results whether you are an employee or an independent professional.

However, something may be missing from a life that looks perfect from the outside. You may feel challenged on a personal or professional level by situations that do not allow you to express your true potential.

Deep inside you wish to make a difference, to have a positive impact on others and make the world a better place. And you may have a dream of the life that you desire and deserve.

Everyday frustrations and routines may have obscured this dream and caused you to lose the energy and passion to pursue it. As a result you remain stuck and do not allow your light to shine into the world.

What you want

No matter where you are in your life, you want more! No matter how well you are doing or how frustrated you now may be, deep inside you know that your life can be much more meaningful and fulfilling than it is now.

You want to discover your true purpose, who you really are and not who others want you to be. You want to break free from stereotypes and live according to your inner values.

You want to bring your best into the world and use your unique talents and skills to touch the lives of others in a positive way.

You want to find out what is holding you back from achieving your life or career goals, eliminate the inner obstacles and create the life you deserve.

Our approach

Our approach is based on the core belief that we all have the inner resources and wisdom to design the life of our dreams.

You will feel energized and empowered and you will connect with your inner wisdom and the incredible power of your unconscious mind.

You will overcome the obstacles that were holding you back until now, you will break free from limiting beliefs and transform your life.

You will obtain strategies, tactics and tools to build an individualized action plan and develop the skills required to advance in your career.

We offer individual coaching and workshops that teach you how to change your dreams into goals and create the real results you want.

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John Glasbergen


When confronted with hierarchy and political games in professional relationships I have a tendency to be morally outraged and loose my temper By following Elli's method a new perspective on those relationships emerged which helped me to let go of the view I had on them. Afterwards I could deal much easier with these kind of relationships.

Taner Güner


Elli is a skilled trainer who connects very well with the audience and is able to convey knowledge in an interesting and engaging way. I highly recommend Elli as a trainer.

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